The past two days, my stomach has decided that it hates me and no longer wants to be a part of this body. :|

That's the only explanation that i have, as it seems that it is constantly trying to make it "out". But enough on that.

I believe that I perhaps caught some bug at the hospital taking care of grandmother (that's another post all together). You know, I remember a time that I almost NEVER got sick. I remember a time before then that I was sick almost all the time... growing up with horrible allergies and sinuses. But then there were allergy shots and, for years after, I would never catch anything. Never took a flu shot, never seemed to need one. In the past year, I think that I have been sick at least 4 times.... once with pneumonia and this is my second stomach bug. I know that it could be much MUCH worse, and I shouldn't complain... one trip to the hospital is plenty of evidence for that. But I am getting really tired of my stomach going ape-shit. An ulcer, perhaps...
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