( May. 20th, 2009 02:52 am)
Well, it's 2:57 in the am, and I am posting my first entry on dreamwidth. Not much to say really... hopefully more will come later. I dig God. I dig music. I dig nice people of all backgrounds, faiths, cultures, and professions. Friend me. Please... ;)
Well, I suppose that I need to sit down and write an entry of some substance. This weekend, I'm traveling to Kingston, TN to see my cousin graduate from high school. Im sure that to most, this may seem like an unusually long trip to be making to see a cousin graduate. But I am very proud of Brad and fond of my uncle Terry and aunt Joan. And my uncle made the trip from Richmond, VA to Memphis to see my graduation back in 1999. So I want to make it.

The annoying part is that I have to come all the way back to Memphis by Sunday morning in order to lead worship. I would find a substitute but I will be gone next week to..... LAS VEGAS!! That's right. I'm a worship minister at a c of C, and will be missing services next week in order to sing at a swanky gig in Vegas. Well, it's really not that swanky. Our sponsor is the owner of a very large jewelry store here in Memphis and we were asked to sing at a huge international jewelry show.

Oh yeah, a few words about "Deltacapella." We are a professional (I feel kind of pompous saying that, but I guess it's true) singing group based in Memphis, TN. We do a little bit of everything... but all acapella. That is only voices, no instruments. You can find out more about us here- www.deltacapella.com

Well, it's nearly midnight. Since I was up well past 3 this morning, I suppose I should hit the bed. More to come on the anticipated trip to Vegas (my first).



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