I can never sleep the night before leaving on a trip. We are leaving this morning for Vegas... have to be at the airport at 7:45. It's a short trip. We arrive on Saturday afternoon, do our show on Sunday evening and come home on Monday. I've never been to Vegas so I'm really excited about seeing the city. I really don't know what to expect... I've heard so much about the town. All of the cliches, of course, but I am really interested in seeing the old downtown area. Unfortunately, almost all of our time will be dedicated to our gig. We will have some time on Saturday night but we'll have to retire early so that we can be rested to sing on Sunday. There is a producer from L.A. that is coming into town to hear us sing. If he is impressed, there is a very real possibility that we could be invited to L.A. to record. We've already been asked to do a show in Italy next summer that this same guy is associated with. So... it is at least something to dream about. :)

This has been a somewhat chaotic week. My grandmother has been in the hospital in Jackson, Tn. She was admitted there on Monday and tonight she was moved to Memphis. What began as a seemingly precautionary stay due to bronchitis (she is 86) became more serious during the week. She apparently had a very light heart attack on Wednesday, so we requested that she be moved to Memphis so that she can be treated by her cardiologist. In the process of traveling back and forth to see her I myself became really sick. I'm feeling much better now, but I'm still really weak. I'm just trying to find the will and the energy to make this trip and sing the best that my body will allow. So... wish us luck.



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