so, I turned on the tube today... Micheal Jackson DIED!!! Oh My God....

yeah, I'm kidding. While I felt that the event was GROSSLY over-blown by the media, it did spark a lot of interest for me into an artist who I never particularly idolized or followed closely in life. Don't know why- I have always thought that he was super-talented. Just really didn't give much notice to his music post-Jackson 5 era. Now, going back and listening, I have to say that I am impressed. Like so many artists, his work seems to mean more in death than in life. My favorite MJ song, Man In the Mirror, really resonates...

I won't even attempt to "define" the irony or be too specific because I simply don't know the guy. Not really. None of us do. But what a great song. Ok, so has it been long enough to laugh a little? Remember this vid from Weird Al? "Ham on, Ham on- Ham on whole wheat... all right!" ;p
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