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Created on 2009-05-20 06:32:03 (#369251), last updated 2009-08-01 (428 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Aug 20
Location:Tennessee, United States of America
Well, this is my second blogging "home". My first was (is) LiveJournal which I began 4 years ago under the extreme duress of one who is very dear to me. I love to use ellipsis (...) parenthesis, and all other genres of writer's cliches. Just the way I am. I've tried to tame it some... I once would just disregard the standard 3 dot ellipsis rule all together........ might have ten dots. Just depended on the amount of hesitation that I wanted to convey. ;) And, oh yeah, I do all manners of smileys as well (not condescending).

I was not a very dedicated writer on LJ... I would go through "fits" of writing, never lasting more than a week at the time. And, alas, here I am at dreamwidth! We will see how this goes... I would like to have a place to share some thoughts and, hopefully, find some other interesting folks with common interests. So don't feel at all awkward about friending me or commenting on entries. Just be mature. I do not like pointless nastiness.

Just a little about me... I am a musician and worship minister from Memphis, TN. As indicated in my screen name, I do and/or am interested in all sorts of musical "things"... I am a singer, pianist, trombonist, wanna-be guitarist, and a choral director. I even do a bit of composing when the "spirit" hits me. :) I have a Bachelor's in music education from the University of Mississippi and very nearly a Master's in Choral Conducting. I have done graduate work at Emory University (Atlanta), University of Memphis (duh), and Harding Graduate School of Religion.

I LOVE music.... all kinds of music. Choral music is my first love. I have been lucky enough to sing in choirs that have traveled all over the world... Europe, Russia, Canada, etc. Right now, I am singing in a professional acapella group in Memphis called Deltacapella. We sing all types of pop music and classical without instruments. Last year we were honored to open for the world famous groups Take 6 and Naturally 7! This year, we hope to join Imogen Heap in concert. Also, we will soon be traveling to Las Vegas and hopefully to Italy next summer. Check us

Interests (130):

1984, 3 dog night, a few good men, a midsummer night's dream, acapella, aerosmith, al pacino, alternative, ancient studies, animal farm, anything stephen king, art, basketball and baseball (watching, batman (jack nicholson), batman-the dark night (heith leger), beethoven, best in show, billy joel, blues, brahms, braveheart, c.s. lewis, chaim potok, chinatown, chopin, choral, christianity, classical, comedy, deltacapella, discovery channel, douglas adams, eddie izzard, edgar allen poe, elton john, eric whitacre, ernest hemingway, ethnic, fall of the house of usher, fiction, food channel, for whom the bell tolls, forrest gump, frankenstein, george orwell, ghostbusters, hamlet, harry potter, health channel, heith ledger, house, imogen heap, indiana jones, jack nicholson, jazz, judaism, julius ceasar, korn, led zepplin, macbeth, manhattan transfer, maroon 5, mary shelley, masque of the red death, mere christianity, movies, music, naturally 7, nicole kidman, not playing), old school rock, on writing, one flew over the cuckoo's nest, ozzy ozborne, palestrina, piano, pink floyd, pit and the pendulum, r&b, rachmoninoff, robert deniro, rock, romeo and juliet, schindler's list, sci-fi/horror, seal, shakespeare, singing, snl, some dean kootz, star wars, surprised by joy, take 6, the abolition of man, the bachman books, the beatles, the bible, the cronicles of narnia, the dead zone, the devil's advocate, the eagles, the godfather trilogy, the goodfella's, the great divorce, the history channel, the legend of sleepy hollow, the lord of the rings, the lord of the rings trilogy, the old man and the sea, the patriot, the real group, the rolling stones, the screwtape letters, the shawshank redemption, the shining, the silence of the lambs, the stand, the taming of the shrew, the tell-tale heart, the winter's tale, theology, travel, van halen, victoria, waiting for guffman, washington irving, watching documentaries, will ferell, working with vocal groups and choirs, worship minister
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